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Dean Gray

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Dean Gray
Artist and author Dean Gray has been an insatiable reader of science fiction from an early age when she began devouring the works of authors like Asimov, Bradbury, George R.R. Martin, Ursula LeGuin and William Gibson, when the internet was itself no more than science fiction. Her fascination with issues of consent and social justice, oppression, gender identity and gender assignment issues, along with class issues, and the morality of indenture likely began then, while reading these works.

Her delight in playing with these ideas, creating tangled, twisting stories where nothing is quite as it seems may come from her love of the sea, with all its roll and sway, mysteries and contradictions. She shares her love of writing with a circle of friends who all “speak Dean,” and can’t even converse before a cup of java in the morning. She collects vintage fans and folk art pottery, when not contemplating her next sizzling novel or art project.

Check out her first published novel: Storm's Eye

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