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Gloria Hartman

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Gloria Hartman
As you can see, I am in my older years. I was in the pastoral ministry with my husband for many years and he 'moved to heaven' 19 years ago. Since his home going, I have been doing what was in my heart for many years - writing books. I have written 3 nonfiction Christian books and, just last year, I published my first Christian fiction. I am working on the sequel to that one. The Lord has used me to teach people what I have learned about God and about me - so my nonfiction books are mainly dealing with Christian doctrines, but mainly from a practical standpoint, in everyday life. I believe that we learn more easily when truth is shared with us from a personal reality in someone's life, rather than just as doctrine. So - my first book, "Journey in Grace," is my story (about God's grace); then, "Choosing for a Change," is how to make changes in our life by changing our choices; "Coming Out of the Cocoon," is how to experience the transformation the Bible talks about. Then, "From Darkness to Light," is a fictional story about a lady in a part of the world who had never heard about Creator God and His Son, Jesus, but who went outside at night and looked at the stars and 'just knew' that Somebody had to put those stars there. She told Him that she wanted to know who He was. Then missionaries came to her land and everything changed! You'll love it! Please start reading my books! I just have joined, "Goodreads!"

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