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J. Kat Renner

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J.  Kat Renner
I am author J Kat Renner, I wrote"Our River of Life" so that I could use it as a healing tool for myself. It was!! I grew up in a faithful family and I didn't know that I would become faithful myself after years of much speculation and doubt in a Creator. It wasn't until I had been so caught up in people pleasing or, what I call for those in denial, compassionate giving, I had classic symptoms of codependency running through my soul and psyche. I had taken on this dis-ease without much care for my own spirit, heart, mind or soul. I was taking on the role of others all the time being an enabler for those who I found myself around who were codependent. It was then that I had a major life crisis where 6 different tragic things happened over the course of two months for me well over 16 years ago now. I have since moved past it thereafter to discover that I can't get everyone to like me. It just isn't going to happen for me or just anyone. It was a tough truth to face! In the process of me having no boundaries, I had become an enabler for others to use and abuse me. I found an answer in my spirit and soul. It hit me, but only after writing AND publishing it that I was still in denial that I had been suffering all my life with it or anyone else around me was affected by it. My niche with this book is really codependents and their families. But, if someone is in a state of denial, a book like this might help them wake up!! And, even still.... this book is for anyone who wants to know themselves better!

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