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Mike Bhangu

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Mike Bhangu
Mike Bhangu was born in Canada, to immigrants from “the land of a million martyrs”, Punjab, and from a very young age, Mike’s rebellious nature predisposed him to challenge the status quo. His metaphysical knuckles are yet to completely heal, and on those hot and dry days, the scars are quick to act as a Morning Glory flower. Fortunately, Mike’s fascination with philosophy, sociology, political science, popular culture, religion, theology, mysticism, and history focused his defiant predispositions and tamed his tendency to make fists.

Mike’s attraction to knowledge gave meaning to the passions, and motivated by reason, he unclenched and picked up a pen to communicate his rebellion. The by-product has been several unique and insightful non-fiction publications. Each challenges the status quo and each highlights ideas that will help free the mind from the illusions that enslave us all.

Bear Witness.

"Love. Be Loved. Live." --Mike Bhangu


1. Distracted and Defeated: the rulers and the ruled. (Amazon Bestseller)

From time to time, the "haves" tamper with information. This is done to control thoughts and actions. Take a look and discover the tactics.

2. Jesus vs. Jesus: The Christ, God's Word, God's Spirit Unveiled. (Amazon Bestseller)

Above the many counterfeit notions forced upon the flock, "Jesus vs. Jesus" is the outcome. Discover the secret of the cross, the Christ, God's Word, God's Spirit, end-of-days, 666, the beasts, the antichrist, Jesus' resurrection, and much more.

3. A Beautiful Destruction: The cost of living is too high. Governments compromise. The popular corrupts the mind. (Amazon Bestseller)

Discover why the cost of living is so high, why governments compromise, and how the popular corrupts the mind.

4. War 101: A Behind-the-Scene Look at War. (Amazon Bestseller)

Discover the different methods able to convince a person to soldier, and the techniques able to convince a nation to war.

5. War and Religion (Amazon Bestseller)

Discover how religions mislead the people and why they sometimes war. Take a journey outside the box and unveil religious riddles.

6. Secrets of Religion: a temporary separation of God and religion. (Amazon Bestseller)

Discover what the different religions do not want you to know. Unearth the secrets they conceal.

7.Sikhie Secrets: Trinity.

The Name, the Word, and the Spirit Unveiled. Journey with me and discover what only a few ever do.

8. Confessions: a lion's roar, a poet's war.

Troublesome I am. With the weapon known as the pen, I can. Bear witness and journey through the mind of a contemporary Sikh man.

9. I am Mouse: thoughts from outside the box.

There is more to human living than a paycheque-to-paycheque existence.

10. Angel vs. Demon: the ultimate battle.

The ultimate battle is the fight within. Discover how popular media hinders this challenge.

11. The Rebellious Slave: breaking the matrix.

Our synthetic continuum restricts a person's potential. This to reinforce the divide between the sheep and the shepherds. Discover the stratagems.

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