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Patricia Thomas

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Patricia Thomas
Patricia Thomas is the author of Firefly Mountain; There Are Rocks in Socks, Said the Ox to the Fox; The One-and-Only, Super-Duper, Golly-Whopper, Jim Dandy, Really Handy Clock Tock Stopper; and Stand Back, Said the Elephant, Im Going to Sneeze, featured on the PBS Storytime series. Thomas graduated from Penn State University and has worked as a writer and editor in practically every area of the advertising business. She is a member of SCBWI and an instructor for the Institute of Childrens Literature. Her programs include The Wordplays the Thing! and Midsummer Nights Magic. Using her picture books, which range in style from nonsense verse to evocative poetry, Thomas leads children to a discovery of the joy of reading, the adventure of books, the power of their own creativityand the pure, unadulterated magic of words. In Words, Words, Words, she explains that words are the basic building blocks of that marvelous, magical commodity known as story. But how does a writer successfully put those blocks together? It involves both art and craft. Thomas tells about those twin aspects of a writers life and answers questions about her own experiences. Through lively personal stories and interactive discussion, she encourages students to pursue their own creative goals and offers strategies for helping them become better writers (including her own Helpful Half Dozen writing tips). Her writing workshops include To Be Or Not To Be: The What If? Question. What if you found a giant beanstalk growing in your yard? What if a tornado lifted your house and set it down in a strange land? What if an elephant sneezed? Asking what if? can launch a writer straight into a story. In this hands-on program, students, collectively and individually, use this technique to spark imagination, inspire ideas, and develop potential story plots. Thomas lives in Carbondale, Pennsylvania."

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