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R.J. Anderson

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R.J. Anderson
R.J. (Rebecca) Anderson was born in Uganda, raised in Ontario, and has spent much of her life dreaming of other worlds entirely. She is the author of ten traditionally published fantasy/SF books for children and teens, including the UK-bestselling faery romance KNIFE. Her new Flight and Fire Trilogy begins with SWIFT and NOMAD in Aug/Nov. 2020, ending with the brand-new novel TORCH in February 2021.

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I review books that I enjoyed reading and think other readers may enjoy as well, but that doesn't mean I agree with or endorse those books in every respect. If you're concerned about content, please check out other reviewers or sites that provide detailed warnings.

I'm no longer giving star ratings as I don't find them nuanced enough, but for books I've already rated, see below:

5 stars: I loved this book so much that I expect to read it again and again -- I reserve this rating for beloved classics and books that knocked my socks off.

4 stars: I really enjoyed the book and/or thought it was excellently done -- there is a good possibility that I'll re-read it.

3 stars: I enjoyed the book and thought it was well done. Should not be taken as belittling the book or its author -- it really does mean "I liked it".

2 stars: I didn't connect to this book as I'd hoped. This category includes books by authors whose other works I truly love, so it's not a dealbreaker. Just found this particular book wasn't for me.

1 star/DNF: Definitely not for me. But I won't be reviewing it because I choose to focus on books I enjoy.
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