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Rodica Iova

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Rodica Iova
There was a complex of gated buildings surrounded by high walls across the street from where I lived with my parents.

That was the garrison of the Communist Militia.

I grew up knowing that there had to be freedom somewhere in the world. My parents used to talk about it in the evenings behind our locked door. We lived in intimidation and fear, but as a child, mother and father kept me safe and well.

"What should we do with her?" one of the Communist leaders asked his comrades in the meeting where I was accused of being against the regime. "We should tie up a big rock to her neck and throw her in the river," was the answer. I was 19 years old.

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Her last book in English, "Cancer, You Have to Go" "is extremely important and could be life saving for many people," (from one of her readers.)

Author Rodica Iova lives in Southern California. As an elementary teacher for many years, with four children of her own, she invested her life stories in her students and children, teaching them the value of being noble people.

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