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Irenaeus of Lyons (The Early...

Robert M. Grant

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A discourse on the rise...

Robert Fleming

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The Gregorian Dialogues and the...

Francis Clark

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Middle English Saints' Legends (Annotated...

John Scahill

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A sermon, preached Feb. 3,...

Henry Hunter


The sacred scripture theory of...

William Drysdale


The Dream and the Grace...

James A. Whyte


St. Magn??s of Orkney (The...

Antonsson, H.


An encyclical letter of our...

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Ireland and the Pope

Maguire James George


Clavis Patricii I: A Computer...

Kieran Devine


The Life of Saint Wilfrid...

Bernard J. Muir


Christus Sacerdos In The Preaching...


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Unborn Persons: Pope John Paul...

James J. McCartney


Anselm of Lucca as a...

Szabolcs Anzelm Szuromi

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A Vatican II Pneumatology of...

James B. Anderson


Books printed for E. Curll,...

Edmund Curll


The authority of the Pope...

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The Lives of the Popes...

Horace Kinder Mann

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Ulrichus Velenus - Oldrich Velensky...

A. J. Lamping, Ulrichus Velenus

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The Life of Leontios Patriarch...

Dimitris Tsougarakis, Demetres Tsounkarakes, Theodosios Goudeles


History of the Popes, Vol....

Leopold von Ranke


Baptism and Faith: Their Relationship...

Cosmas Alule

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Papal Decretals relating to the...

Eric Waldram Kemp

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Marguerite Bourgeoys et la Congr??gation...

Patricia Simpson

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A Star Shines For Love:...

MM Snyder


The Literary Coptic Manuscripts in...

Alla I. Elanskaia


Conjugal Love and the Ends...

Rolando B. Arjonillo Jr

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O!M!G!: It's All About Me...

Al L. Mighty