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Christian Denominations & Sects

We'd Like You to Know...

W. Donald Wellman

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Orthodox Christianity

Carl S. Tyneh

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Not On Friday Not On...

William Walker


Mormon Beliefs Exposed

Mr. Vinny DiGirolamo


Pondering the Passion: What's at...

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History of the Syriac Dioceses...

Aphram I Barsoum, Matti Moosa


Sharing Through Primary Songs Volume...

Alison Palmer

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Because I Loved You: Further...

Kelly L Bliss


The Life of Jesus of...

Rush Rhees


The Book of Mormon

Joseph Smith

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The Courts and the Colonies:...

Alvin Esau

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Teen Talks to Stop the...

Vicki Hatch, Marcus Sheridan


Christian Science

Mark Twain


What it Means to be...

Adam S. Bennion


The Sociology of Canadian Mennonites,...

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On the Beliefs of the...

Karen Hartnup


The Russian Orthodox Church: A...

Nicholas Bjerring Archpriest Basaroff


Jesus & Me

Linda L. Castellano


Releasing Energy

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From Synagogue to Church: The...

John Wilkinson


The Triple Combination: The Book...

Rex Campbell

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Home Church

Terry Stanley


A History of the Holy...

John Mason Neale


This Is My Church: A...

Robert D. Troutman


A Child Of The Sea:...

Elizabeth Whitney Williams


Modern Religious Cults and Movements...

Gaius Glenn Atkins


Brother Brigham's Book of Wisdom...

Lisa Williams, Brad E. Hainsworth