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Churches & Church Leadership

The Assumption of Mary

Kilian John Healy


Zero to 80: Innovative Ideas...

Olu Brown, Impact Lead Team The Impact Lead Team, Christine Shinn Latona


The Pagan Origins of Christian...

Elisha J. Israel


Desert Wisdom: Sayings from the...

Yushi Nomura, Henri Nouwen


A Ministry of Presence: Chaplaincy,...

Winnifred Fallers Sullivan


Network Kit: The Right People,...

Bruce L. Bugbee, Don Cousins

$116.60 Regular price $149.99

James, 1-2 Peter, 1-3 John,...

$32.33 Regular price $55.00

10 Great Ideas from Church...

Mark R. Shaw


The Underground Church

Eugene Bach and Brother Zhu


Knowing the Triune God: The...

$31.10 Regular price $31.50

The Disappearance of God: A...

Richard Elliott Friedman

$30.30 Regular price $30.99

The Legend of the Middle...

R??mi Brague


Sit Down God... I'm Angry...

R. F. Smith


The Life and Letters of...

Mr. John Nelson Hyde


Reclaiming Our Roots -- Volume...

Mark Ellingsen


The Glorious Church

Watchman Nee


Trolls & Truth: 14 Realities...

Jimmy Dorrell


Toward a Hopeful Future: Why...

Phil Snider, Emily Bowen

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Handbook for Doctor of Ministry...

Richard E. Davies


The Lost Books of the...

Dr. Edward Hammond


My Confirmation: A Guide for...

Pilgrim Press, Ucbhm Editorial


Bringing Good News: 40 Stories...

Henry Simmons PhD, Rita Boyer MACE

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Wise Words and Quotes

Vernon McLellan


Meister Eckhart: Philosopher of Christianity...

Kurt Flasch

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The Social Setting of Pauline...

Gerd Theissen


By the Waters of Babylon:...

Scott Aniol


The Mentor's Guide to Biblical...

Alexander Strauch, Richard Swartley


From Jesus to the Church:...

Craig A. Evans