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The Story of Christianity, Vol....

Justo L. Gonzalez


The Rise of Christianity: How...

Rodney Stark

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Sitting at the Feet of...

Ann Spangler, Lois Tverberg

$18.25 Regular price $21.99

The New Complete Works of...

Flavius Josephus

From $16.59 Regular price $19.99
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The Gospel of John: The...

William Barclay

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The Letters of Paul, Fifth...

Calvin J. Roetzel

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The New Manners & Customs...

Ralph R. Gower

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HarperCollins Atlas of Bible History...


$21.54 Regular price $25.95

The New Testament World: Insights...

Bruce J. Malina

$26.56 Regular price $32.00

The Lost World of Scripture:...

John H Walton, D Brent Sandy

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Life in Biblical Israel (Library...

Philip J. King, Lawrence E. Stager

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Josephus: The Essential Writings

Flavius Josephus

$16.59 Regular price $19.99

The Parables of Jesus (The...

William Barclay

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Chosen?: Reading the Bible Amid...

Walter Brueggemann


The Cross & the Prodigal:...

Kenneth E. Bailey

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A Week in the Life...

Ben Witherington III

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History of Christianity

Paul Johnson

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Gregory of Nyssa: The Life...

HarperCollins Spiritual Classics


The Christ Conspiracy: The Greatest...

Acharya S

$16.56 Regular price $19.95

The Bible Doesn't Say That:...

Joel M. Hoffman

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From the Maccabees to the...

Shaye Cohen

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A Century of Biblical Archaeology...

Roger Moorey

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Palestine in the Time of...

K. C. Hanson

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A History of Israel

John Bright

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Christian Faith: Dogmatics in Outline...

B. A. Gerrish

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The World That Shaped the...

Calvin J. Roetzel

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The Historiographical Jesus: Memory, Typology,...

Anthony Le Donne

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An Introduction to Womanist Biblical...

Nyasha Junior

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When Rocks Cry Out (English...

Horace Butler


A History of Ancient Israel...

J. Maxwell Miller, John H. Hayes

$34.86 Regular price $42.00

Patterns of Evidence: Exodus: A...

Timothy P. Mahoney, Steven Law

$24.86 Regular price $29.95

A Biblical History of Israel,...

Iain Provan, V. Philips Long, Tremper Longman III

$41.50 Regular price $50.00

John, Jesus, and the Renewal...

Richard Horsley, Tom Thatcher

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Gospel of Matthew, Vol. 2...

William Barclay

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Peoples of the Old Testament...

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Hidden Riches: A Sourcebook for...

Christopher B. Hays

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The Jewish People in Classical...

John H. Hayes, Sara R. Mandell

$24.90 Regular price $30.00

The Four Hundred Silent Years:...

Harry A. Ironside