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The Glory: Prequel to The Glory Series: Prequel to The Glory Series: overcoming anxiety, PTSD, adversity and forgiveness. (Volume 4) - Paperback

The Glory: Prequel to The Glory Series: Prequel to The Glory Series: overcoming anxiety, PTSD, adversity and forgiveness. (Volume 4) - Paperback

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  • ISBN-13: 9780989774567
  • Publisher: Wide Blue Sky Publishing LLC
  • Release Date: Aug 18, 2018
  • Pages: 410 pages
  • Dimensions: 5.5 x 0.9 x 8.5 inches
  • Sales Rank: 0

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The Glory Series Prequel is the story of Samantha Elroy. She was rescued. Survived what other girls did not and she doesn't like to talk about it. That was then. Now she is working as an attorney, helping victims of crimes find justice. She's satisfied, settled and safe. So getting swept off her feet by a danger junky cowboy is totally out of the question. Honey Cooper could give an engaged girl a panic attack with his swaggering, slow talking charm. Not to mention his probing questions. And she's done with all that. So why does she keep thinking of Him? And why does God keep arranging circumstances so they find themselves together? In a world where fear is a sin that paralyzes and thanksgiving is faith's courage to trust beyond what can be seen, The Glory is the victory we realize when holiness comes to expression. For the once afraid victim doing the hard work of turning evil's wounds into victory's scars. For the dangerous who fearlessly pursue God’s purposed plan.For the suffering who long to experience God working out for them a weight of glory amidst these light momentary afflictions.The Glory is the transformation story of how God deposits something of His moral beauty and majesty into the soul of a believer and how this holiness comes to light through thanksgiving in the metamorphosis.A parable of how God is the saints’ glory and so they are His.The Glory is the journey of the worm, wrapped in the substantial weight of affliction and grappling with the paradoxes of faith to emerge from the cocoon of oppression the transformed butterfly. The Glory is the prequel of The Glory Series.The Glory is a survivor story in a contemporary Christian romance series. A cowboy romance story about a professional bull rider and a lawyer. This inspirational romance series is a western romance about family, friendships of women, overcoming anxiety, PTSD, adversity and forgiveness involving a billionaire and a secret pregnancy. Reviewers agree that J.L Kelly Christian Romance series stories are raw, real, sometimes intense and might not be for readers who are looking for the classic "sweet" Christian story where characters do everything right and the story world is heavenly. Unapologetically the author's style is to write it real—meaning closer to real life, tackling issues with universal importance in a God honoring way by telling the truth in love. JL Kelly's characters will never be perfect but they will proclaim to you the love, grace and mercy of a perfect God.The Glory is a stand-alone western story about cowboys, professional bull riders, the PRCA and PBR and the Prequel of the Glory Series, a contemporary Christian Romance western book series. It is a Christian inspirational Romance that deals with overcoming anxiety, PTSD and adversity. A western romance story about a Professional Bull Rider and a romance book about a lawyer that involves an alpha male billionaire and smart submissive female with a happy ever after ending, HEA. The Glory is a Christian Mystery and a Cowboy Romance with a secret pregnancy and about a billionaire rancher and about a victim of rape who overcomes adversity and PTSD to heal and help others. This inspirational romance is about rodeo, family, friendships of women, mentoring of women, forgiveness, professional bull riding, PBR and PRCA, Belgian Malinois dogs, overcoming PTSD and panic attacks, God's healing, honoring God and redemption.

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