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The Last Advocate: Book Three of The Advocate Trilogy

The Last Advocate: Book Three of The Advocate Trilogy

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  • ISBN-13: 9781514105238
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Release Date: Jul 11, 2015
  • Pages: 314 pages
  • Dimensions: 0.71 x 9.00 x 6.00 inches

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The Last Advocate is the third and final book of The Advocate Trilogy. It begins with the bleak truth that Kynell, the god of all that is good in Rhyvelad, has died. The brothers Vancien and Amarian, who have pledged their lives in his service, are left without purpose; not only has their god died, but the world has become a third darker. In this gloom, they decide to find N'vonne, Vancien's adopted mother and wife of their friend Telenar. The last they knew of her, she and thousands of others had evacuated the capitol city to escape the destructive army of the Chasmites, who had rampaged through Rhyvelad only a short while before. N'vonne, meanwhile, believes that Vancien and Telenar are dead. She finds herself in charge of thousands of scared evacuees. She had not heard about Kynell's death, nor does she understand why the third light has disappared. Despite her grief and uncertainty, she must lead the others to safety, though she is not sure where safety lies. Fortunately, the reptilian Sentries, who were once her enemies, have become not only allies but friends. Without their help, she and the other evacuees would have been destroyed by forces even more violent than the Chasmites. All of these movements take place under of the shadow of the dragons' wings. The beasts have escaped from Bar-Norak, and their release appears to be the last stage in a battle between good and evil. Yet something happens that changes the battle-lines, restores the Sentries to their primal selves, and sends Vancien, Amerian, and others deep into the camps of their enemies. Its coming may destroy the world of Rhyvelad but not before saving its inhabitants. The Last Advocate is a young adult fantasy novel suitable for teens but with themes and characters that will attract all ages.

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