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Jesus--God and Man, Second Edition...

Wolfhart Pannenberg


Luther's Theology of the Cross:...

Alister E. McGrath

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The Perfect Ending for the...

John Reid Noe


The Trinitarian Devotion of John...

Sinclair B. Ferguson

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Love Your Enemies (A History...

John Piper

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Finding Space: Winnicott, God, and...

Ann Belford Ulanov


The Case Against Darwin: Why...

James Perloff


On the Modern Cult of...

Bruno Latour

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Finding and Seeking: Ethics as...

Oliver O'Donovan


When God Intervenes: The Beginning...

Douglas C. Berner


Hell And Other Destinations: A...

Piers Paul Read


A World of Difference: Putting...

Kenneth Richard Samples


The Comforter

Sergius Bulgakov, Boris Jakim


Captive to the Word of...

Miroslav Volf


The Christian Doctrine of God,...

Thomas F. Torrance


Visions of a Better World:...

Quinton Dixie, Peter Eisenstadt

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A History of the Work...

Jonathan Edwards


Biblical Eschatology:

Jonathan Menn

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Lordship Salvation

Charles C. Bing


The Chiasm of Daniel and...

A. A. Nueske


The Quest for Liberation and...

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The Four Last Things: Death,...

O.S.F.C. Fr. Martin von Cochem


Prewrath: A Very Short Introduction...

Alan E. Kurschner


The War is Real...and So...

Vaughn Allen


Faith and Unbelief

Stephen Bullivant


Wealth and the Will of...

Paul G. Schervish, Keith Whitaker


Universe by Design

Danny Faulkner


The Seed of the Woman:...

Jim Tunstall


Your People Shall Be My...

Don Finto