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The Law of Self Defense:...

Andrew F. Branca

From $36.83 Regular price $47.23

Criminal Law and Its Processes:...

Sanford H. Kadish, Stephen J. Schulhofer, Rachel E. Barkow

From $148.80 Regular price $180.16

The Fire Line: The Story...

Fernanda Santos

From $22.14 Regular price $27.97

Ethics, Crime, and Criminal Justice...

Christopher R. Williams, Bruce A. Arrigo Ph.D.

From $75.30 Regular price $94.85

Juvenile Justice

Kären M. Hess, Christine Hess Orthmann, John Paul Wright

From $105.52 Regular price $130.78

PassKey EA Review, Complete: Individuals,...

Richard Gramkow, Joel Busch, Kolleen Wells

From $98.43 Regular price $122.97

Contemporary Trusts and Estates [Connected...

Susan N. Gary, Jerome Borison, Naomi R. Cahn, Paula A. Monopoli

$151.92 Regular price $186.71

CJ 2015 (The Justice Series)...

James A. Fagin

From $21.87 Regular price $28.46

Criminal Law

John L. Worrall, Jennifer L. Moore

From $190.02 Regular price $229.18

Justice Denied: What America Must...

Marci A. Hamilton

From $31.33

A Practical Guide to Media...

Ashley Messenger

From $83.20 Regular price $103.59

Ghettoside: A True Story of...

Jill Leovy

From $25.97 Regular price $35.35

Street Spirit: The Power of...

Steve Crawshaw

From $24.99 Regular price $32.30

Crime and Criminology (Aspen College)...

Sue Titus Reid

From $95.97 Regular price $119.88

Mr. Ruehle, You Are A...

William J. Ruehle

From $26.94 Regular price $35.61

The Future of Policing: A...

Joseph A. Schafer, Michael E. Buerger, Richard W. Myers, Carl J. Jensen III, Bernard H. Levin

From $112.08 Regular price $137.36

Estate Planning Essentials

From $34.05 Regular price $45.41

VAT and Financial Services: Comparative...

$287.97 Regular price $349.92

The Handbook of Retirement Plans...

Mr. Nicholas Paleveda

$56.00 Regular price $69.78

Estate Planning and The Modern...

Peter A. Moustakis Esq.

$29.00 Regular price $36.96

Building Your Lifeplan?: Taking Care...

Timothy W. Caldwell, Renée A. Harvey

From $35.99 Regular price $44.99

A Practitioner's Guide to Innocent...

Robert B. Nadler

From $100.50 Regular price $124.56

Buy To Let Tax Planning:...

Mr Lee J Hadnum


Get Real: Planning for Life,...

Mark E. Wight

From $27.90 Regular price $35.05

Real Estate Ventures: Formulating and...

Stevens A. Carey

$206.45 Regular price $248.98

Sharing Economy. Regulatory Approaches for...

Julia Maurer

$77.23 Regular price $95.27

Did You Know....: Estate and...

Jay Davis

$21.95 Regular price $30.96

The BIGGEST Bully and What...

Mrs Alissa K M Hollinger CPA

$33.99 Regular price $43.15

The Everything Binder - Workbook:...

Michelle Perry Higgins

From $0.00 Regular price $77.96
Sold Out

Digital Assets Practice: Three New...

Richard L. Hermann

$29.00 Regular price $36.47

Tax Planning for Non-Residents &...

Nick Braun

From $48.86 Regular price $59.72

Rest in Peace: A Guide...

Marc Quaghebeur

$55.98 Regular price $69.07

Guilty Until Proven Innocent: A...

J. Andrew Salemme

$56.00 Regular price $70.24

Guide To International Transfer Pricing:...

Duff and Phelps

$624.00 Regular price $751.14

Estate Planning: A Road Map...

Susan G. Parker Esq., Maria B. Whelan Esq.

From $80.51
Sold Out

One Family, Two Worlds: A...

Jennifer R Lewis Kannegieter

$19.99 Regular price $25.78

Anti-Money Laundering: A Comparative and...

Waleed Alhosani

$191.98 Regular price $234.37

Yemen Tax Guide - Strategic...

Inc. Ibp

$159.92 Regular price $193.18

The 5 Declassified Estate Planning...

Linda Sherfey

From $39.90 Regular price $51.00

Wednesday In Law School: Wills...

Value Bar Prep books, Chike Law books

$46.45 Regular price $58.16