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The Independent Dentist: Your First Class Ticket to Freedom

The Independent Dentist: Your First Class Ticket to Freedom

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Practicing dentistry has a high burn-out rate for many reasons, but the Alliance for Integrity in Dentistry has a solution--one that can transform the daily burdens of practicing dentistry: Dental offices should remain dentist owned, not corporate owned. Dr. Ben Warnock, D.D.S. with Dr. Nader Bazzi D.M.D., created the Alliance for Preserving the Integrity in Dentistry. The Alliance is a group of dentists who have joined forces to help keep dental offices dentist owned and dentist run. The Alliance has become a revolutionary group in the dentistry field.

With private practices being bought up by corporations, the solo practitioner and dentist owned group practices are in immediate danger. If the pace of infiltrating corporate dentistry doesn't meet opposition, the integrity of dentistry and patient dental health are in jeopardy. The Independent Dentist teaches the Alliance Triple-Win, which provides a path to a better way for practicing dentistry so that dentists can minimize stress and optimize satisfaction.

Dentists will be able to complete all administrative tasks, help their patients achieve optimal dental and overall health, and still have time to spend with family and friends, and pursue hobbies. These strategies will enrich the field of dentistry while preserving its integrity. The Independent Dentist is a guide for practitioners who want to fulfill the dreams that spurred them toward dentistry in the first place.

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