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Social Sciences New Releases

The Feminist Lie: It Was...

Bob Lewis

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Finding Peace: A Workbook on...

Troy L Love

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The Descent of Man

Grayson Perry

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Beyond the Real Mind

De-Witt A. Herd

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Above the Ground and Beneath...

Yannis Grammatopoulos

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"You're in the Wrong Bathroom!":...

Laura Erickson-Schroth, Laura A. Jacobs

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Understanding GPS/GNSS: Principles and Applications,...

Elliott Kaplan, Christopher J. Hegarty

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Women and Politics: Paths to...

Julie Dolan Professor, Melissa M. Deckman Professor, Michele L. Swers Professor

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Faultlines: Debating the Issues in...

David T. Canon, John J. Coleman, Kenneth R. Mayer

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Victims, Crime and Society: An...

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Group Analysis in the Land...

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201 Positive Psychology Applications: Promoting...

Fredrike Bannink

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Early Brain Sprouts from States...

Meena Chintapalli

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The Government and Politics of...

Neill Nugent

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Everyday Desistance: The Transition to...

Professor Laura S. Abrams, Diane Terry

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Dark Skinned

David L. Spencer

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Essential Concepts in Sociology

Anthony Giddens, Philip W. Sutton

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Faith & Fortitude

Jarrod Johnson

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Applied Qualitative Research in Psychology...

Joanna Brooks, Nigel King

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Gendered Lives, Sexual Beings: A...

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Effective Supervisory Relationships: Best Evidence...

Helen Beinart, Susan Clohessy

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Blame, Culture and Child Protection...

Jadwiga Leigh

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Internet Addiction in Children and...

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The German Energy Transition: Design,...

Thomas Unnerstall

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Global Politics and Violent Non-state...

Natasha Ezrow

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My Uphill Battle: A story...

Marvin Edgardo Ortiz

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United States Government Manual (2016)...

Office of the Federal Register

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The Tavistock Learning Group: Exploration...

Clive Hazell, Mark Kiel

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Breakthrough Moments in Arts-Based Psychotherapy...

Aileen Webber

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Africa's Population: In Search of...

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We are All Revolutionaries Here:...

Aneela Zeb Babar

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Counselling Skills and Studies

Fiona Ballantine Dykes, Traci Postings, Barry Kopp, Anthony Crouch

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Undercover: A True Story

Joe Carter

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Explore the Great Outdoors: Italy,...

Dr. Janet A. Munger

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Applied Social Psychology: Understanding and...

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Effective Supervisory Relationships: Best Evidence...

Helen Beinart, Susan Clohessy

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The Parsis of India: Continuing...

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Southeast Asia and China: A...

Lowell Dittmer

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Oil (Resources)

Gavin Bridge, Philippe Le Billon

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