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Organic Chemistry, 2nd Edition

David R. Klein

From $37.32

Modern Chemistry: Student Edition 2012...

Jerry L. Sarquis, Mickey Sarquis

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Inorganic Chemistry

Duward Shriver, Mark Weller, Tina Overton, Fraser Armstrong, Jonathan Rourke

From $123.93

X-Ray Crystallographic Study of Novel...

Krunalkumar R Mehariya


Instrumental Analysis

Robert Granger, Hank Yochum, Jill Granger, Karl Sienerth

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Chemistry & Chemical Reactivity

John C. Kotz, Paul M. Treichel, John Townsend, David Treichel

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Foundations of College Chemistry

Morris Hein, Susan Arena

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Zeolites in Industrial Separation and...

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Combo: Loose Leaf Chemistry -...

Julia Burdge

From $134.77

Investigating Chemistry (Loose-Leaf)

Matthew Johll

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Loose Leaf Principles of General,...

Janice Smith

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Chemistry, Manufacture and Applications of...

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Zinc Catalysis: Applications in Organic...

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Your Guide to the Periodic...

Gill Arbuthnott

From $34.66

Zinc Carboxylate Liquid Crystals: Solid...

Richard A. Taylor, Henry A. Ellis


Zintl Phases: Principles and Recent...

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CRC Handbook of Phase Equilibria...

Christian Wohlfarth

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ZEKE Spectroscopy

E. W. Schlag

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Zintl Ions: Principles and Recent...

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ZnO Films Fabricated by AP-MOCVD:...

Yen Chin Huang, Wu Yih Uen, Shan Ming Lan

From $93.91

ZnO and PZT nanostructures: Fabrication,...

Ali Khorsand Zak

From $117.33

Zinc oxide thin coatings: New...

Rebecca A. Puiu, Ecaterina Andronescu, Alexandru M. Grumezescu


Zeolite Characterization and Catalysis: A...

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Yttrium: Compounds, Production, and Applications...

Bradley D. Volkerts

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Yearbook of Asymmetric Synthesis 1991...

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X-Ray Spectroscopy

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Fundamentals of General, Organic, and...

John E. McMurry, David S. Ballantine, Carl A. Hoeger, Virginia E. Peterson

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