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Young People and Social Control:...

Ross Deuchar, Kalwant Bhopal

From $132.25

Women, Crime and Criminology: A...

Carol Smart, Frances Heidensohn, Richard Collier


Blood in the Fields: Ten...

Julia Reynolds

From $27.01

Wounded City: Violent Turf Wars...

Robert Vargas

From $34.20

Women, Crime, and Justice: Balancing...

Elaine Gunnison, Frances P. Bernat, Lynne Goodstein


Women and Children as Victims...

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Working with Young People in...

Jim Rose

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Working with Women Offenders in...

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Women and Punishment

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Women Doing Life: Gender, Punishment...

Lora Bex Lempert

From $109.36

Young People, Crime and Justice...

Roger Hopkins Burke

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Youth Gangs, Violence and Social...

R. White

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Women, Crime and Criminal Justice:...

Rosemary L Barberet

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Youth Justice in Context: Community,...

Mairéad Seymour

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Women and Crime (Routledge Library...

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Women and Criminal Justice: From...

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Young Men and Domestic Abuse...

David Gadd, Claire L. Fox, Mary-Louise Corr, Steph Alger, Ian Butler

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Young Offenders: An Enquiry into...

A. M. Carr-Saunders, Hermann Mannheim, E. C. Rhodes

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Women and the Mafia: Female...

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Within Prison Walls

Thomas Mott Osborne


Young Offenders: Crime, Prison and...

M. Halsey, S. Deegan

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Young Offenders and Open Custody...

Tove Pettersson

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Worst Boys in Town: And...

Rev. James L. Hill D.D.


Youth, Crime and Justice

Cyndi Banks

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Women, Policing, and Male Violence...

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Women of the Street: How...

Susan Dewey, Tonia St. Germain

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Women of the Street: How...

Susan Dewey, Tonia St. Germain

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Women and Deviance: Issues in...

Nanette J. Davis, Jone M. Keith

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Women and Crime in Early...

Manon Van Der Heijden

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Witnesses to Terror: Understanding the...

L. Howie

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Youth Justice and Social Work...

Jane Pickford, Paul Dugmore

From $39.14

Youth Criminal Justice Policy in...

Shahid Alvi

From $65.84

Youth and Substance Abuse

Kathryn Daley


Youth and Crime

John Muncie

From $60.58