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Environmental Engineering

Biohythane: Fuel for the Future...

Debabrata Das, Shantonu Roy


Biohydrogen Production from Organic Wastes...

Jianlong Wang, Yanan Yin


The Social Footprints of Global...

Ali Alsamawi, Darian McBain, Joy Murray, Manfred Lenzen, Kirsten S. Wiebe


Hydrogen Generation from Ethanol using...

JianHua Yan, ChangMing Du

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Plasma Remediation Technology for Environmental...

ChangMing Du, JianHua Yan

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Urban Development in Asia: Pathways,...

Qian Zhang, Xiangzheng Deng

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Land Use and Climate Change...

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Fundamentals of Ecotoxicology: The Science...

Michael C. Newman

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Environmental Chemistry, Tenth Edition

Stanley Manahan

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Innovative Wastewater Treatment & Resource...

Sonia Suarez Martinez, Lema Juan M.

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Water Wells and Boreholes

Bruce Misstear, David Banks, Lewis Clark

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Offshore Risk Assessment vol 2.:...

Jan-Erik Vinnem


Quantitative Methods in Reservoir Engineering,...

Wilson C. Chin PhD

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Environmental Governance in Vietnam: Institutional...

Stephan Ortmann

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Recycling of Polyethylene Terephthalate

Martin J Forrest

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Ecological Resilience: Response to Climate...

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Performance Indicators for Water Supply...

Helena Alegre, Jaime . M Baptista, Enrique Cabrera Jr


Social Life Cycle Assessment: An...

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Biorefinery 2030: Future Prospects for...

Pierre-Alain Schieb, Honorine Lescieux-Katir, Maryline Thénot, Barbara Clément-Larosière

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Mental Modeling Approach: Risk Management...

Matthew D. Wood, Sarah Thorne, Daniel Kovacs, Gordon Butte, Igor Linkov

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Applying Nanotechnology for Environmental Sustainability...

Sung Hee Joo

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Emulsion Stability and Microwave Demulsification...

Abdurahman Nour, Rosli Yunus, Azhari Nour