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The Associated Press Stylebook 2017:...

Associated Press

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The 2015 UK General Election...

Ian R. Lamond, Chelsea Reid

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The Journalist in British Fiction...

Sarah Lonsdale

From $46.08

The History of the Provincial...

Rachel Matthews

From $141.10

Fox News and American Politics:...

Dan Cassino

From $185.55

Media and Global Climate Knowledge:...

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The Raging Storm: A Reporter's...

Caroline Lamwaka

From $84.46

Turn Up the Volume: A...

Michael O'Connell

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Aim for the Heart; Write,...

Al Tompkins

From $58.81

Writing Palestine 1933-1950: Dorothy Kahn...

Dorothy Kahn Bar-Adon

From $33.36

Never Leave The Locker Room...

Ben R. Hanback


Awake in the Dark: The...

Roger Ebert

From $24.16

Attacks on the Press: The...

Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ)

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Journalism and the Periodical Press...

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The Draw Of Sport

Murray Olderman

From $25.21

Future-Proofing the News: Preserving the...

Kathleen A. Hansen, Nora Paul

From $44.12

How Journalists Use Twitter: The...

Alecia Swasy

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Discussing the News: The Uneasy...

Simon Smith

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The Woman War Correspondent, the...

Carolyn M. Edy

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The Rise of a New...

Penelope Muse Abernathy


Handbook of Media Branding

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The Storm

Daniel Defoe


News Framing of School Shootings:...

Michael McCluskey

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The Storm: or, a Collection...

Daniel Defoe


Technology and The Future of...

Scott A Poniewaz


Contemporary Journalism in the US...

Matthias Revers

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The Bridgend Suicides: Suicide and...

Ann Luce

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Masterful Stories: Lessons from Golden...

John V Pavlik

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Polls, Expectations, and Elections: TV...

Richard Craig

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Susan in the City: The...

Susan Grossey


The Fight

Norman Mailer

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