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Library & Information Science

Serving Those Who Served: Librarian's...

Sarah LeMire, Kristen J. Mulvihill

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Teaching Information Literacy in Higher...

Mariann Lokse, Torstein Lag, Mariann Solberg, Helene N. Andreassen, Mark Stenersen


Scholarly Adventures in Digital Humanities:...

Claire Battershill, Helen Southworth, Alice Staveley, Michael Widner, Elizabeth Willson Gordon, Nicola Wilson


Nonfiction in Motion: Connecting Preschoolers...

Julie Dietzel-Glair

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Victoria's Lost Pavilion: From Nineteenth-Century...

Paul Fyfe, Antony Harrison, David B. Hill, Sharon L. Joffe, Sharon M. Setzer

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Media and Information Literacy in...

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American Reference Books Annual: 2017...

Juneal M. Chenoweth

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Online Learning and its Users:...

Claire McAvinia

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The Museum Blog Book

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Science, Entertainment and Television Documentary...

Vincent Campbell

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The Notion of Relevance in...

Tefko Saracevic

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Systemic Decision Making: Fundamentals for...

Patrick T. Hester, Kevin MacG. Adams

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Six Issues Facing Libraries Today:...

John M. Budd

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A grammar of Papua Malay...

Angela Kluge


Working with Text: Tools, Techniques...

Emma Tonkin, Gregory J.L Tourte


Research 2.0 and the Impact...

Antonella Esposito

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Academic Library Development and Administration...

Lian Ruan

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Elements of Information Organization and...

Amitabha Chatterjee

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Re-Inventing the Book: Challenges from...

Christina Banou

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New Methods of Teaching and...

Ann Whitney Gleason

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RDA, Resource Description and Access:...

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Planning Public Library Buildings: Concepts...

Michael Dewe

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Expert Searching in the Google...

Terry Ann Jankowski

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Describing Music Materials: A Manual...

Richard P. Smiraglia


Careers in Public Libraries

Institute For Career Research


The Clarion

Samuel Hopkins Adams