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Programming Languages

AWS Lambda in Action: Event-driven...

Danilo Poccia

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Spring Microservices in Action

John Carnell

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Electronics Cookbook: Practical Electronic Recipes...

Simon Monk

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Gray Hat C#: A Hacker's...

Brandon Perry

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Carpenter's Complete Guide to the...

Art Carpenter

From $95.36

Problem Solving with C++, Student...

Walter Savitch, Kenrick Mock

From $125.63

Commutative Algebra: Constructive Methods: Finite...

Henri Lombardi

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Hands-On Start to Wolfram Mathematica:...

Cliff Hastings, Kelvin Mischo, Michael Morrison

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An Introduction to SAS Visual...

Tricia Aanderud, Rob Collum, Ryan Kumpfmiller

From $63.23

JMP Start Statistics: A Guide...

John Sall, Mia L. Stephens PhD, Lehman, Sheila Loring

From $105.21

Starting Out with Alice (3rd...

Tony Gaddis

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High Performance Images: Shrink, Load,...

Colin Bendell, Tim Kadlec, Yoav Weiss, Guy Podjarny, Nick Doyle, Mike McCall

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Sencha Ext JS 6 Bootcamp...

Mr Steven D Drucker

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Web Performance in Action: Building...

Jeremy Wagner

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Refactoring JavaScript: Turning Bad Code...

Evan Burchard

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Natural Complexity: A Modeling Handbook...

Paul Charbonneau

From $59.29

Reasoning with Data: An Introduction...

Jeffrey M. Stanton PhD

From $57.01

Making Your Case: Using R...

Charles Auerbach, Wendy Zeitlin

From $67.90

Learn CentOS Linux Network Services...

Antonio Vazquez

From $45.76

Customer Segmentation and Clustering Using...

Randall S. Collica

From $84.50

Teaching Computational Creativity

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Applied Logic for Computer Scientists:...

Mauricio Ayala-Rincón, Flávio L. C. de Moura

From $66.09

Natural Complexity: A Modeling Handbook...

Paul Charbonneau

From $147.72

Leap Motion for Developers

Abhishek Nandy

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An Introduction to Python and...

Yue Zhang

From $200.10