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3-Hour Bible: Discover The Whole Bible With 12 Short Stories

3-Hour Bible: Discover The Whole Bible With 12 Short Stories

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  • ISBN-13: 9781480057135
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Release Date: Oct 30, 2012
  • Pages: 174 pages
  • Dimensions: 0.40 x 8.00 x 5.25 inches


The 3-Hour Bible is the fastest way to read and understand the Bible! The Bible is the most amazing book. It is a collection of stories about one big story, the story of God and His love for His children. The best part about these stories is they are true and will change your life. You may have struggled reading and understanding the Bible in the past, or maybe this is your first time. The 3-Hour Bible is the fastest way to read and understand the Bible. The 3-Hour Bible is a collection of twelve Bible stories carefully selected to walk you through the whole Bible. The stories will introduce you to the main character, God. You will also meet some other interesting characters. Sometimes they are heroic, but most of the time they are average people that God uses in amazing ways. You will see God’s love and grace on display every step of the way. With each story taking less than fifteen minutes to read, you will be able to read and understand the big story of the Bible in three hours. You can read it all at once or read a story a day for the next twelve days. In the 3-Hour Bible, the Bible speaks for itself. The stories are crafted from the actual Bible text. The book names, chapters and verses are included so you can see where they fit in the Bible. Some quick facts, called Fast Forwards, are added in italics between each story so you can see how the Bible flows together. Start your journey to discover the whole Bible. What others are saying about 3-Hour Bible: "Nothing has impacted my life more that the message of the Bible. With creativity, yet utilizing only the biblical text, Mike has provided a gift to anyone seeking to help a child, teenager, seeker or new believer understand God's story." Jack Graham Pastor, Prestonwood Baptist Church “Mike J. Thomas has given us an outstanding tool to help study, understand, and apply the Word of God in our lives. We live in a day where everyone has very little time; therefore, this book will help the average Christian grasp the Word of God and apply it to his life. May God use it in the lives of many people.” Elmer L. Towns Co-Founder and Vice President Liberty University “The 3 Hour Bible is a tremendous tool for everyone but especially for new believers. We have found that men who have never studied the scriptures love it because it gives them a bit more confidence in their interaction with other believers – especially in their groups!” Brady Cooper Senior Pastor, New Vision Baptist Church

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