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A Christian According to the Epistles of the New Testament

A Christian According to the Epistles of the New Testament

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  • ISBN-13: 9781494977580
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  • Release Date: Jan 22, 2014
  • Pages: 170 pages
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The term “BEING SAVED" in the Christian tradition carries with it the obvious assumption implying that one is freed from an imminent danger because in the past, his life was in danger. Being saved means someone was on the verge of losing all hope and aspirations; but at this moment, he has hope and aspirations. Being saved according to the Christian faith means having an experience which is true in both parts, that one was saved from something or someone, ( Satan and sin ) and being saved for something which is ( new life and eternal life in Christ.) When we speak of "salvation" or being saved, these two perspectives MUST be clear in the experience of the Christian in accordance to the Christian tradition. Being saved implies living a life which is under God’s guidance and submission. It is self abandonment, self negation as far as desires, pleasures, comfort, importance, ego, and power are concerned. The world and all its values does no longer prevail. But if all the above is what is first, including God, we are living a destructive life which is outside God. When sins such as alcohol, drug abuse and sexual desires, intolerance, lust for power, the pursuit of money at the expense of others, and so on remain at the center of our lives we are far from being saved. But when God is in the center of our lives, we realize that the emphasis on "self " is not a full life. We understand that the "auto-focus" has no future and does nothing to build up someone else or to advance the great causes of this humanity. But being saved from ourselves means that we are saved to a life that is the exact opposite. That new life is the will of God in which he lets us live. He becomes the priority which is greater than our own will. Being member of the people of God is more important than anything else. It is giving and sharing which is better than taking and accumulating. Our lives become changed by God for the life that affirms others, the life of healing others, a true fulfilling life . Being saved means that we have found wonderful opportunities to share each day with our brothers and sisters and see what God is doing in our lives together. Most people who are saved are beginning to assess their lives, to the point to find ways to improve who they have become.

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