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A Dogmatic Catechism

A Dogmatic Catechism

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  • ISBN-13: 9781500824778
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Release Date: Aug 14, 2014
  • Pages: 262 pages
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THE translation into English of Frassinetti's Catechism is highly opportune. The Council of the Vatican most wisely decreed that a Lesser Catechism should be prepared for the use of the FaithfuL What the Council of Trent provided in the “Catechismus ad Parochos" for the "Ecclesia Docens," the Council of the Vatican is providing for the "Ecclesia Discens." But, in decreeing that one authoritative text, in the form of a Catechism, should be prepared, the Council in no way limits, either the liberty of Bishops to frame Catechisms of a fuller and more explicit kind for the use of their dioceses, or that of Catechists to deliver such oral explanations as are suited to the capacities and needs of their people. The Bishops of England, in a united Pastoral Letter, have enjoined the Clergy to renewed diligence and punctuality in their office as Catechists. No one who knows the condition of this country can fail to see the need we have of expository Catechisms, rising from the simple text of the penny Catechism to such extensive works as Gaume's "Catechisme of Pereverance." The rapid development of intelligence in all classes renders the office of the Catechist both more necessary, and more difficult. It must never be forgotten that a good Catechist is a preacher of a very high order. The “traditio Symboli" is not a mere repetition of question and answer, but an elucidation of the doctrines of faith, which affords full scope for the intelligence of a theologian, and for the charity of a pastor. The Catechism of Frassinetti is a good example of what a Catechist may do. It is singularly well adapted to the needs of our middle class, for whom, as yet, a sufficient provision has hardly been made. I therefore very heartily recommend the use of this Catechism to the Clergy and Faithful. Henry Edward Cardinal Manning

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