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A Priest to Turn to: Biblical and Pastoral Reflection on the Priesthood

A Priest to Turn to: Biblical and Pastoral Reflection on the Priesthood

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  • ISBN-13: 9780818905469
  • Publisher: Alba House
  • Release Date: Mar 20, 1989
  • Edition: First
  • Pages: 268 pages
  • Dimensions: 5.75 x 8.50 x 0.75 inches


If there is a persistent theme which runs through these reflections on the priesthood, it is this: today’s priests are important for today’s Church. The laity want and value priests. They want their priests to be men of holiness, competence, love, care, encouragement, challenge, and hope. The reflections in this book deal with the priest as a man of faith and mystery, a disciple of the Lord and a servant to the community. It addresses the issue of work as it relates to the priest and speaks in depth of the nature of priestly spirituality, holiness and ministry. Those who read it will come away with an enhanced appreciation of the priesthood and the role of the man who ministers to them in their life of faith. About the Author: Father William F. Maestri is the author of many Alba House titles, including Grace Upon Grace, Mary: Model of Justice, A Word in Season, A Time to Be (Re)Born, A Time for Peace, Paul’s Pastoral Vision, Figures Around the Crib, Figures Around the Cross, Do Not Lose Hope, and Choose Life and Not Death. A regular contributor to Pastoral Life magazine, he has also produced several cassette programs for Alba House Communications.

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