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Arabic and Semitic Linguistics Contextualized: A Festschrift for Jan Retsö

Arabic and Semitic Linguistics Contextualized: A Festschrift for Jan Retsö

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  • ISBN-13: 9783447104227
  • Publisher: Harrassowitz Verlag
  • Release Date: Aug 06, 2015
  • Edition: Mul
  • Pages: 576 pages
  • Dimensions: 7.0 x 9.5 x 1.75 inches


The Festschrift dedicated to Jan Retsö on the occasion of his official retirement in 2015 contains within the field of Arabic and Semitic linguistics and neighboring disciplines 29 papers by the following contributors:

Slavic linguistics: Silje Susanne Alvestad and Antoaneta Granberg; Arabic linguistics and philology: Werner Arnold, Rudolf de Jong, Werner Diem, Melanie Hanitsch, Barry Heselwood/Janet Watson, Otto Jastrow, Ablahad Lahdo, Pierre Larcher, Gunvor Mejdell, Maria Persson and Ori Shachmon; Arabic literature, science and history of ideas: Lena Ambjörn, Stephan Guth, Pernilla Myrne and Georges Tamer; Hebrew linguistics: Silje Susanne Alvestad/Lutz Edzard, Mats Eskhult, Steven Fassberg, Bo Isaksson, Na?ama Pat-El, and Ofra Tirosh-Becker; Aramaic, Ethiopic, and comparative Semitic linguistics: Rebecca Hasselbach-Andee, Janne Bondi Johannessen/Lutz Edzard, Geoffrey Khan, Fekede Menuta/Ronny Meyer, Sina Tezel and Kjell Magne Yri.The Festschrift is of interest to both scholars and students working in the disciplines of Arabic, Hebrew, Semitic and Afroasiatic linguistics and to linguists and philologists working in the realms of Old Church Slavonic, Slavic in general, Hebrew Bible and the Qur'an.

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