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Bad Education: The Guardian Columns

Bad Education: The Guardian Columns

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  • ISBN-13: 9781845906832
  • Publisher: Crown House Publishing
  • Release Date: Sep 22, 2011
  • Pages: 208 pages
  • Dimensions: 5.0 x 7.75 x 1.0 inches


Phil Beadle has been described as 'the scourge of education policy makers' and also as a prolific writer of articles challenging the status quo in education. Bad Education is an anthology of some of his best writings from his column, 'On Teaching,' published in the Education Guardian Magazine in the UK. Written in his trademark simple, luminous, and down-to-earth style, this collection is a wry look at more or less every element of educational change in the UK over the last five years. And, this uncut version crucially leaves in all the jokes that the editors had previously cut out! A must read for educators throughout the world.

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