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Bible Study Series: 1 Samuel - Part 2

Bible Study Series: 1 Samuel - Part 2

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  • ISBN-13: 9781490736747
  • Publisher: Trafford
  • Release Date: May 27, 2014
  • Pages: 72 pages
  • Dimensions: 0.17 x 9.00 x 6.00 inches


The books of Samuel contain more than biographical and historical interest. The central theme of the books traces God's gracious and overruling sovereignty in the sad state of affairs in Israel at the end of the period of judges by His providential selection of righteous men (i.e. Samuel and David) who would weld the nation into an instrument of His will and a people for Himself. Despite Israel's rejection of God as King, God would prove faithful and eventually see to the appointment of a godly king, David, with whom He would enter into an everlasting covenant that would affect the destiny of both Israel and the entire world, for through David would come Israel's King, Messiah, and the Savior of the world, the Lord Jesus Christ.

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