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Book of Blessings: The Roman Ritual

Book of Blessings: The Roman Ritual

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  • ISBN-13: 9780899425603
  • Publisher: Catholic Book Pub Co
  • Release Date: Jul 01, 1999
  • Edition: Revised
  • Pages: 895 pages
  • Dimensions: 8.25 x 12.50 x 2.25 inches


With the advent of the Second Vatican Council there was a push to revise all of the official books of the Catholic Church, including the Pontifical, the Ceremonial of Bishop, The Roman Ritual, the Missal and the Breviary. The initial changes were made to the Missal, and the changes followed on from there, with each rite of the church being strenuously revised. The Roman Ritual itself was split up into Two volumes, published in 1976 with the most recent edition dating from 1990, now called "The Rites." The first volume contains the majority of the old Roman Ritual, it covers all of the sacraments with the exception of Ordination, and it covers funerary rites. The second volume covers more episcopal ceremonies including the consecration of altars, the order of ordaining Deacons, Priests and Bishops and consecrating the oils for use in the church. The second section of the old Roman Ritual, the Benedictionale, was also extensively revised. It is now published as "The Book of Blessings," or in Latin "De Benedictionibus." This was published initially in 1987 with the most recent edition dating from 1990 also. It contains many blessings, however they are far less florid, or traditional in comparison to those in the Ritual. The blessings in the new book follow more the structure of the Mass, with general intercessions, readings, and other features which in the older blessings were not included.

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