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BUNDLE: Lilly: Criminological Theory 6e + Wright: Criminals in the Making 2e

BUNDLE: Lilly: Criminological Theory 6e + Wright: Criminals in the Making 2e

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  • ISBN-13: 9781506305004
  • Publisher: SAGE Publications, Inc
  • Release Date: Dec 24, 2014
  • Edition: 6 Pck
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We offer these texts bundled together at a discount for your students!

J. Robert Lilly, Criminological Theory: Context and Consequences Sixth Edition
Offering a rich introduction to how scholars analyze crime, Criminological Theory: Context and Consequences moves readers beyond a commonsense knowledge of crime to a deeper understanding of the importance of theory in shaping crime control policies. The Sixth Edition of the authors’ clear, accessible, and thoroughly revised text covers traditional and contemporary theory within a larger sociological and historical context. It includes new sources that assess the empirical status of the major theories, as well as updated coverage of crime control policies and their connection to criminological theory.

John Paul Wright, Criminals in the Making: Criminality Across the Life Course Second Edition
Why do individuals exposed to the same environment turn out so differently, with some engaging in crime and others abiding by societal rules and norms? Why are males involved in violent crime more often than females? And why do the precursors of serious pathological behavior typically emerge in childhood? This fascinating text addresses key questions surrounding criminal propensity by discussing studies of the life-course perspective—criminological research that links biological factors associated with criminality with the social and environmental agents thought to cause, facilitate, or otherwise influence a tendency towards criminal activity. The book provides comprehensive, interdisciplinary coverage of the current thinking in the field about criminal behavior over the course of a lifetime. Additionally, it highlights interventions proven effective and illustrates how the life-course perspective has contributed to a greater understanding of the causes of crime.

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