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Christian Social Reform: Program Outlined by Its Pioneer William Emmanuel Baron Von Ketteler Bishop of Mainz

Christian Social Reform: Program Outlined by Its Pioneer William Emmanuel Baron Von Ketteler Bishop of Mainz

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  • ISBN-13: 9781533596758
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  • Release Date: Jun 03, 2016
  • Pages: 252 pages
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THE whole life of Baron Von Ketteler, the energetic and intrepid Bishop of Mainz, is a story of absorbing interest. I t is the record of a modern apostle who wrought miracles by faith and action. He was a Christian bishop who believed in the divine power and mission of the episcopate; and, aflame with the conviction that he was sent, he went forth and never rested until what he had to do was done. He was the pioneer of Christian social reform. Leo XIII did not disdain to call him his great predecessor, and framed his famous encyclical on Labor along the lines of Von Ketteler's program of action. He realized, as no other man of his day, that in the new order of ·conditions the must not only act, but lead in social action, or lose. He stood alone for years; but he could well stand alone. Later on he moved his world simply by standing firm. He was a living proof of what one resolute mind can accomplish in the face of enormous difficulties. A hostile government, a popular pagan system of social action, the inertia of the many, the excessive haste of some-these were a few of his obstacles. But he triumphed over all of them, and transformed Westphalia and the Rhine provinces into a model Catholic organization for the whole world to imitate. He was a true Catholic bishop. He based all his social principles upon Catholic doctrine. St. Thomas was his guide in the working-out of his practical method of social reform. He loved his Germany - he gave his life for her order and her prosperity, moral and social. And he loved Rome with an enthusiasm which was youthful until death. We are face to face to-day with the conditions which he met and set in order. What he did we must now strive ,to do. His lifework, simply and tellingly told, may well serve as an inspiration and a guide to all who love the Church and our country. Leo found in Von Ketteler's discourses food for lofty consideration. And Pius X has placed a loving tribute upon his honored to'mb. What greater glory could he have than this? Germany and the whole world may well preserve in eternal memory and grateful recognition the words and works of one of the very greatest men of our age, Bishop Von Ketteler.

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