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Collected Works of Braj Kachru Vol 1-3

Collected Works of Braj Kachru Vol 1-3

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Professor Braj Kachru (b. 1932) has pioneered, shaped and defined the scholarly field of world Englishes. He is the founder and co-editor of World Englishes, the associate editor of the Oxford Companion to the English Language and contributor to the Cambridge History of the English Language. His research on world Englishes, the Kashmiri language and literature, and theoretical and applied studies on language and society has resulted in more than 25 authored and edited volumes and more than 100 research papers, review articles, and reviews.

This Collected Works encompasses Kachru's early, pioneering work: Volumes 1-3 cover the development of World Englishes as a concept and selections of his work on sociolinguistics, multilingualism and language contact.

Volume 1 covers Kachru's work from 1976-1990. Volume 2 covers Kachru's work from 1992-2001. Volume 3 details Kachru's Studies in linguistics, multilingualism and language contact.

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