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Defining Church

Defining Church

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  • ISBN-13: 9781495191138
  • Publisher: Mission Bible Church USA
  • Release Date: Apr 30, 2016
  • Pages: 50 pages
  • Dimensions: 0.12 x 9.0 x 6.0 inches


In an American culture where numbers dictate success and the ends justify the means, it is easy for the modern evangelical church to be swayed into operating in this manner. Principles that once deemed a church biblically healthy, sadly have been replaced with the principles of corporate America.

The rate of churches forming in America, is comparable to the steady advancement of technology gadgets. With an array of churches to choose from, including a variety of denominations, understanding how to choose a church is imperative. The factors of determining where one attends church must be based on the internal characteristics versus the external.

So how does a person choose a biblically-grounded church? In Defining Church, Anthony Wood discusses the five core attributes of a local church, challenging believers to biblically assess if their church is established on the foundations which God has prescribed in Scripture. Readers will clearly understand God's intention for the church and the roles of its leaders and members.

God has left the Kingdom keys with believers, making it our duty to serve Him well. The role of a church is essential in attaining this goal. Therefore, it is important for believers to ask, and confidently answer, if their church is truly Christ's church.

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