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Doors of Mercy: Exploring God's Covenant With You

Doors of Mercy: Exploring God's Covenant With You

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  • ISBN-13: 9781618907608
  • Publisher: Saint Benedict Press
  • Release Date: Jan 24, 2016
  • Pages: 100 pages
  • Dimensions: 0.50 x 11.00 x 8.50 inches


An At-Home Retreat for the Jubilee Year

We are living in an extraordinary time: A Time of Mercy. To highlight this, Pope Francis has proclaimed an Extraordinary Jubilee year. It is only the fourth such event in history.

But what is mercy? What does it mean to be living in a Time of Mercy? How can we receive God’s Mercy? And how should we respond?

In Doors of Mercy, Fr. Jeffrey Kirby answers precisely these questions. In 8 fascinating lectures Father Kirby provides a whirlwind tour of salvation history, from Adam to Noah, Abraham to Moses, King David to Christ.  You’ll see how from the disaster at the dawn of creation (and even before), God was enacting His plan of Mercy. And you’ll discover how precisely at the darkest moment of history, when the doors of mercy seemed nailed shut, God threw them open forever.

This Year of Mercy is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and its graces will be extraordinary. Resolve this year to respond to them, through Doors of Mercy.

This Doors of Mercy Home Study Set is an At-Home Retreat for the Jubilee Year. In 8 short, simple sessions, you will, from the comfort of home:

• Explore how God shows mercy to His people – from Biblical times to today
• Learn about the five great Covenants of the Old Testament
• Understand how the Sacraments are “Doors of Mercy”
– and how to make them effective in your life
• Explore the revelations to St. Faustina and the Divine
Mercy devotion
• Discover why now is the “time of mercy”
• Learn how we can open ourselves to God’s mercy
• Learn how to be a door of mercy to others –
colleagues, family, and friends
• Prepare to receive the graces of this Extraordinary
Jubilee Year

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