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Dropping Almonds

Dropping Almonds

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  • ISBN-13: 9781505994100
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Release Date: Jan 04, 2015
  • Edition: II
  • Pages: 118 pages
  • Dimensions: 0.27 x 9.0 x 6.0 inches


Dropping Almonds highlights the low-lights of a Vice President in a struggle to swim at the top of an organization. After following strategic direction and selling or closing several operations, Bach Anon finds himself unceremoniously dumped from the senior leadership team he was serving. Based on true events, Dropping Almonds will show you the lighter side of business management and how the American Dream turns into a Field of Nightmares. Bach Anon also chronicles some of the earlier periods of his development and how he prepared for the eventual rise to the top of a multi-million dollar company. With elements of humor, personal struggles, and business lessons, Dropping Almonds introduces the reader to several scenarios that likely play out in businesses all over the world. Bach Anon presents 5 solutions to issues that plague higher education and selfish business motives by higher level leadership. Bach's writing style is bold and straight-forward, so the reader may identify and connect with the business lessons detailed in Dropping Almonds. Dropping Almonds begins with an evocative look at how Bach has performed "All of that work for so little return". From beginning to end, Bach Anon will keep you reading with a perspective of how his executive role collapsed over a two year period and what he learned from the experience.

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