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Eber: A Tale of Hidden Beauty

Eber: A Tale of Hidden Beauty

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  • ISBN-13: 9781620205013
  • Publisher: Ambassador International
  • Release Date: Dec 05, 2014
  • Pages: 112 pages
  • Dimensions: 4.90 x 0.70 x 7.50 inches


I'm so plain, so homely. There is nothing special about me! Priscilla thought, looking at her reflection in the mirror. She raised her hand and let her fingers trace along her pimply forehead, ruddy cheeks, thin lips, and prominent chin. She looked at her dull brown eyes. There was no sparkle, no light. Her mousy brown hair matched her eyes lifeless.

Priscilla Barton is not the prettiest girl in the town of Harperwill, and she knows it. She is picked on at school; and she tries to stay strong in front of her peers, but inwardly she envies the beauty of the girls who tease her. Priscilla's one desire in life is to have outward beauty.

When an accident involving her little brother Tia occurs, Priscilla has a chance encounter with a stranger named Eber. Eber helps her discover a beauty far greater and infinitely more precious than all of the most beautiful faces, in the entire world combined.

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