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Enter the Kingdom of Heaven NOW! - The Gospel of the Holy Spirit

Enter the Kingdom of Heaven NOW! - The Gospel of the Holy Spirit

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  • ISBN-13: 9781939147301
  • Publisher: American Publishing US
  • Release Date: Mar 06, 2013
  • Pages: 202 pages
  • Dimensions: 0.43 x 9.61 x 6.69 inches


This may be the most Powerful book ever written besides the New Testament.

This book will get you filled with the Holy Spirit. This is how you enter the Kingdom of Heaven NOW, while you are still on this Earth. And that is how you begin your relationship with God.

You will learn how to live in Heaven once you enter, according to John 3:3, Acts 1:8 & 2:4

You will learn the mysteries of God like the mystery of Lawlessness and the mystery of God's hidden plan for us. Both are revealed in this book.

You will learn who the Anti-Christ is and who they are. They are named by name in this book.

The book begins with the one and only Gospel of Christ that proclaims that The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand! Then commands all believers to work miracles.

This book is for all those who have received God's Holy Spirit and all those that want to receive God's Holy Spirit.

This book is not a christian book or a book about religion. This is a book about the Holy Spirit and the Sons of GOD, the only expression of God on this Earth.

You will learn what all believers are commanded to do and how to do a lot of those things.

You will not only learn exactly who anti-Christs are, you will learn how to overcome all of them. Chapter 4 takes you through the most popular teachings of all anti-Christs and refutes them all with the word of God. None of their Christ-like teachings are even in the bible.

This book explains Revelation Spiritually, which is not what you have heard from christians.

The mark of the beast is explained and what the mark is Spiritually, as well as the seals, trumpets, those attired in white robes, who is behind all the destruction and who the 144,000 are.

The High Priesthood is explained and details are given as to how to execute the Office of High Priest, what that does and why every believer must become a High Priest.

You learn why Jesus really came and what His place is and is not, with us. And how Christ Jesus was led by the Holy Spirit Who saved Jesus and raised Him from the dead. Learn how to follow His example in the flesh while being led by the Holy Spirit.

Also learn how and why: The Gospel of Christ has not been preached in this world or in christianity. The Holy Spirit is Christ. God's Sons do not preach Jesus as our savior. God's Sons, including Jesus, have the Holy Spirit as our savior and as our everything.

The Holy Spirit leads us into all Truth, blesses us with every blessing in the Heavenly realm and does all our praying in our own Heavenly language in perfect faith. Jesus does not. He is not on this planet to be able to help us.

Jesus is the One who made it possible for us to receive the Holy Spirit. Jesus not only sent the Holy Spirit back to us, He told us the Holy Spirit leads us into ALL Truth about ALL things.

These are the revelations of the Spirit of God for His People, as given through one of God's Son and written by the hand of a man who possesses the Holy Spirit; by being led by the Holy Spirit to live a Spiritual Life.

In this book is the sounding of the seventh and last trumpet of God and the revealing of His plan for man and all Creation. That plan was for us to receive and be born of the Holy Spirit, to allow the Holy Spirit to renew our minds to change our nature from carnal to Spiritual, and wait for the day when the Holy Spirit will raise our bodies to glory in the twinkling of an eye; thus completing God's plan for us all.

This is the main focus of this book. All things in this book lead to this.

F o r e w o r d
The Kingdom of Heaven is At Hand !
I Am Receiving the Holy Spirit Right NOW by Faith
Living Your New Life In Heaven
The Story of Jesus and What He Really Did
About the New Testament and the Old Testament
Overcoming All Anti-Christs
Your Obligation as a High Priest
The Spiritual Side of Revelation - I Am The End
.....and more

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