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Estate Planning Through Family Meetings: Without Breaking Up the Family (Wills/Estates Series)

Estate Planning Through Family Meetings: Without Breaking Up the Family (Wills/Estates Series)

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  • ISBN-13: 9781770400368
  • Publisher: Self-Counsel Press
  • Release Date: Apr 30, 2010
  • Edition: 1
  • Pages: 144 pages
  • Dimensions: 0.3 x 9.87 x 8.36 inches


Estate planning and writing a will are among the last things families want to think about, and yet they are so important. You want to ensure that your parents have their affairs in order before they pass away, but you probably don't want to bring it up and risk upsetting them or looking greedy. Estate Planning through Family Meetings (without breaking up the family) presents an easier way to handle estate planning: through a process of meetings and notetaking. As author and lawyer Lynne Butler explains, holding a family meeting to discuss what should happen to a parent's estate is an effective method, because it allows each member of the family to talk openly, ask questions, and work together, so that everyone feels they've had their say. Using the steps outlined in the book, the author shows you how to plan ahead, hold meetings with your family, learn how to document the plan, and make it legal. She covers the issues you'll need to be aware of to do it properly, the legal consequences of insufficient planning, and how to deal with special circumstances such as family businesses, cottages, and trusts. The book includes a CD-ROM for use on a Windows-based PC, that is loaded with checklists and tools to help the process along and ensure nothing is forgotten.

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