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Exorcism at Midnight [Hardback Edition]

Exorcism at Midnight [Hardback Edition]

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  • ISBN-13: 9781624071195
  • Publisher:
  • Release Date: Aug 21, 2012
  • Pages: 148 pages
  • Dimensions: 0.50 x 8.50 x 5.51 inches


Book One in the "God's Mysterious Tower" Series highlighting supernatural occurrences and Biblical enigmas. In this book Christians travel just below the surface to glean powerful spiritual principals seldom offered in contemporary religious settings. This is not your father’s old Sunday School lesson. It’s a mind-boggling fictional journey for those unwavering in their search for truth.... What happens when a young minister comes face to face with pure, unadulterated evil, only to discover that neither his seminary training nor rock-solid faith are enough to rescue his wife from the dark side? Go deep behind the scenes of a modern-day exorcism with your Bible in hand. Rub your trembling fingers across the smooth silver face of a sacred St. Benedict metal used to ward off diabolical forces. Inhale the purity of towels, soaked in the rivers of Bethany. Now, smell the stench of demon-infested bowels and listen to the blood curdling screams of victims with a thousand angry demons inside. Remember, when the storm is raging and evil is on the rampage, love conquers all ... or does it?

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