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Freddy's Firecracker Fiasco

Freddy's Firecracker Fiasco

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  • ISBN-13: 9781498461016
  • Publisher: Xulon Press
  • Release Date: Jan 08, 2016
  • Pages: 48 pages
  • Dimensions: 0.10 x 7.99 x 5.00 inches


Anyone knows by its sound when a fire truck is coming down the road; several people have even witnessed the efforts of firefighters to save people from burning buildings and protect them from danger. Fredrick Alexander Smith, "Freddy" to most, experienced this firsthand when his mother became very sick one day, and due to the actions of firefighters her life was saved. Since then, Freddy and his family have been grateful for the courage of their local fire station and make it a point to bring them treats regularly, especially during the month of September.Yet Freddy was to learn a valuable lesson about fire safety and taking the right precautions to prevent fires in Freddy's Firecracker Fiasco, the latest children's book from author J.K. Hill.The lesson came during an afternoon of boredom and mischief at the home of Freddy's good friend Jack, when Jack got the crazy idea to take and set off his older brother's firecrackers. It was all fun and games until Jack unveiled an impressive firecracker called the Mad Hornet Night Tiger Bottle Rocket and decided to set it off. Despite Freddy's plea to not light the firecracker, Jack lit the rocket and watched it go right into Jack's house! They recover the rocket before anything caught on fire but teachable moments would continue to emerge in their firecracker fiasco that both boys would never forget.Freddy's Firecracker Fiasco is not just a whimsical adventure of two boys with firecrackers, but also a guide to important tips on fire safety that all ages of readers can benefit from learning.

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