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God Loves Me?  Are You Sure?

God Loves Me? Are You Sure?

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  • ISBN-13: 9781481913775
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Release Date: Feb 05, 2013
  • Pages: 188 pages
  • Dimensions: 0.47 x 9.00 x 6.00 inches


Many of us grew up fearing God. We were taught He has a big Black Book and he writes down every sin we ever committed. In other words, many of us were doomed -- mostly due to our siblings. Unfortunately, we were not taught that God loves us. We were expected to be good and go to Mass and punch our ticket to get to Heaven. Hell and the wrath of God were always present. I was an adult before I learned that God does indeed love us. He loves you unconditionally. No matter what you do, he cannot love you any more. And more importantly, nothing you do will ever make God love you less. No one can take God's love away from you! God cherishes you! That is incredible news! But….before you get too big for your blue jeans, God feels the same way about your best enemy. He made each of us in his own image and He wants us to be part of his family. He took time to create you uniquely and perfectly because God's world is not complete without you. He wants you to be part of his family. When we are baptized, we become God's children. We are not slaves, but members of his family. We receive all the rights and benefits of being in a family. Who is Jesus, the Messiah? He is the Christ. He is God's son and his messenger. Jesus is a bridge from Heaven to Earth. He came to earth to tell us that God the father loves you, and he wants a personal relationship with you. How can that be? He is God! Jesus shared the love of God with his people; healing their diseases, forgiving their sins, and sharing God's unconditional love. Jesus is God, yet he humbled himself to become man and live among us. He knows the trials of life, and by his word and example, he taught us how to live. The son of God is a man of compassion and love, and he wants us to live in love. How can you get to know God personally? By spending time with him reading the Bible -- God's love story to us. There is also a profound way to learn who Jesus is and understand his mission, and that is by walking in his sandals. God loves you so much that he sacrificed his son, Jesus, so you would gain salvation. Yes, Jesus freely gave his life so you could be with him in Paradise. Jesus died for you individually so you would know his incredible love for you. His death was a divine act of love that surpasses all others. Jesus gave us the Bread of Life. He also gave us his Holy Spirit so we would never be alone. We are never alone? God is always with us in the form of his Holy Spirit. He wants to pour out his peace, love and joy on you. All you have to do is say, "Yes, Lord, I accept your love." God's gifts to us are priceless….and we get to enjoy them while living on earth. Our gifts to God are priceless to him….and make him happy. God wants me to have a relationship with him? A relationship with God? I can make God happy? Me? God has given us free will. Do you choose goodness and follow Jesus, or do you reject Him? It is your choice. But whatever you choose, God loves you unconditionally every moment of every day. It is now time to develop a deep, personal relationship with God and receive all the blessings and graces he longs to give you.

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