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Gospel of the kingdom: Life calls you all

Gospel of the kingdom: Life calls you all

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  • ISBN-13: 9781484875124
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Release Date: Jun 11, 2013
  • Pages: 128 pages
  • Dimensions: 0.29 x 9.0 x 6.0 inches


To the fore shall be the foremost And to the right the righteous This gospel calls them all To the kingdom of GOD on the earth THE CALL TO THE KINGDOM OF EARTH 1. Young Generation is freely eligible 2. Rich Men now qualify easily 3. Nations and kings, 7 Rev Book churches with secret meanings of their names, Intellectuals, Judges, Jurists, and Journalists are welcome By testimony of the Book of Matthews and Quran: God offers 3 options - 1. To be the FOREMOST 2. To be on the right 3. Or rather not to be GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM is the First Testament of the new age - for all who thirst for Life This gospel is for the lost sheep of the house of Israel, as told in Matt 10.6 - 15 which is same as blessings or curses in the Shema proclamation by Moses - update these with the sayings of the Spirit to the 7 Rev Book churches, and you have all the information you require to make your options - to either be the Foremost, or at the right or rather not be Those who are foremost or on the right enter the kingdom and there are promises of blessings by Moses, healing and redemption by Matthews, Gifts of God by Quran and Mormon Bible and water of Life by the Rev Book In the name of God, I testify and CONFIRM that these all promises will be freely fulfilled subject to the rules On the other hand this gospel gives 666 India 2 months to surrender or face the music. Let all the nations WITNESS if 10 righteous persons can be found in India in next two months? The gospel informs that the next turn is America - the Obama and those who voted him and are caught pants down in Deut 13 must take note and decide their course of action – however I do not know when the orchestra starts and how much time America gets to surrender While all the nations WITNESS these, it is implied that they also set their compasses right and do all what is needed to enter the kingdom I remind that: 1. Worldwide Young Generation is freely eligible 2. It is now easy for the Rich Men to qualify 3. D' India News has special privilege to spread this message worldwide - because they were chosen to participate in the process of Change started by the Author Among the Indian Journalists, the Author acknowledges the names of Bachi Karakaria, once the youngest daughter Poruchista of Zoroaster; Shobha De a devotee who so much liked Sher G as to put a photo on Twitter, Jug Suraiya who is always confused if he is serious or smiling and why, Narayanai Ganesh, Anubha Sawhney, the Hinglish experts of NBT, Namita Bhandare who entered my zone recently and all those whose names I do not know Thank You Indian Journalists, you are expected to do more, do enter the Dragon and shatter the images of falsities I believe that India can be saved if the Judges and Jurists now rise - do come on in Justice V R Krishna Iyer, Ram Jethmalani and others, yes CJI P N Bhagwati, Shanti Prashant Bhushan; the forgiveness is being offered freely irrespective of past errors, just come on in. All others too, wash the face or clean the mirror whatever necessary and do come on into the OCEAN OF MERCY OF GOD. Forget the past blunders but let us remake our nations and you all then enter the kingdom My Best Wishes and you too Shayamala Pappoo !

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