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Groundwater Modeling: RS & GIS Perspective: Groundwater Zone Prediction

Groundwater Modeling: RS & GIS Perspective: Groundwater Zone Prediction

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  • ISBN-13: 9783659487309
  • Publisher: LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
  • Release Date: Dec 20, 2013
  • Pages: 84 pages
  • Dimensions: 0.19 x 8.66 x 5.91 inches


Water plays a vital role in the development of any activity in the area. Thus, the availability of surface and ground water governs the process of planning & development. The surface water resources are inadequate to fulfill the water demand. Productivity through groundwater is quite high as compared to surface water, but groundwater resources have not yet been properly developed through exploration. Keeping this in view, the present study attempts to select suitable locations for groundwater exploration in hard rock areas using an integrated approach of remote sensing & GIS techniques. The groundwater potentiality of the area has been assessed through integration of the geophysical data with IRS- 1D LISS-III image and multiple geodatasets has been carried out using geographic information system for mapping lithology, structures, geomorphology, soils, landuse/landcopver, slope and drainage pattern and also in selecting ground water prospect zones for further development of ground.

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