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Hope Has Its Reasons: The Search to Satisfy Our Deepest Longings

Hope Has Its Reasons: The Search to Satisfy Our Deepest Longings

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  • ISBN-13: 9780830822782
  • Publisher: IVP Books
  • Release Date: Jul 01, 2001
  • Edition: Revised
  • Pages: 197 pages
  • Dimensions: 0.60 x 8.25 x 5.50 inches


You long for love and happiness. But so often you are blocked from satisfying that longing. What are the barriers? Why are they so troublesome? How does spirituality play a role? Rebecca Manley Pippert examines these persistently human questions in this thoughtful and personal book. She invites you to join her on a journey exploring the region between faith and unbelief where your hopes and doubts mingle. Calling as expert guides such thinkers as Albert Camus and C. S. Lewis, she cites freely her own experiences and sets out the questions all face--questions about significance, meaning, love, life and truth, the search for encouragement and security. Pippert offers no canned formulas or saccharine cliches. In this revised and updated edition she squarely engages your uncertainty, disappointment, longing for fulfillment, and the reality of pain and suffering. Such realism rings in the stories she tells and in the ideas she explores. In doing so she leads you beyond the search for your own significance to the reasons you have for your hope of discovering God.

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