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Human Resource Policy: Connecting Strategy with Real-World Practice

Human Resource Policy: Connecting Strategy with Real-World Practice

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Contemporary thought in HRM focuses very much on HR strategy, but neglects the policy function as the vital link between strategy and practice. The aim of this book is to provide students and practitioners with a conceptual framework and practical guidelines to establish and maintain an effective HR policy function. Part 1 looks at HR policy from a conceptual perspective. What is it? Why do we need it? What influences the shape of HR policies? This part also examines how policy connects with HR strategy and HR practice, and also how it connects with broader management issues. Part 2 focuses on processes – essentially how policies are conceived, produced and introduced in organizations. The basic message in this part of the book is that policy making needs to be systematic in order to make policies dynamic and relevant. Part 2 also examines a number of policy management issues and problems, and discusses how these can best be addressed. Part 3 looks at the main types of HR policies that most organizations need and discusses the various policy options that might be included. The emphasis in this part of the book is on translating our theoretical understanding of business and people management principles into policies that give life to HR strategies and broader business strategies. Key Features • Connects the HR policy function in the light of contemporary strategic HR theory with real-world practices. • Examines HR policy’s contribution to risk management, to organizational culture and change, to organizational ethics, and to corporate social responsibility. • Provides guidelines and techniques for effective development, design, implementation, management and review of policy. • Discusses policy options for all major HR functions. • Provides learning activities including discussion questions, case studies, policy analysis exercises and policy writing exercises.

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