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Icons and Idiots: Straight Talk on Leadership (LIBRARY EDITION)

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  • ISBN-13: 9781469027487
  • Publisher: Gildan Media and AudioGO
  • Release Date: Mar 01, 2014
  • Edition: Unabridged LIBRARY
  • Pages: 1 pages
  • Dimensions: 1.2 x 6.1 x 6.6 inches


[LIBRARY EDITION Audiobook CD format in sturdy Vinyl Case with cloth sleeves that keep compact discs protected.]

[Read by Wes Talbot]

A management manifesto from the acclaimed author of Car Guys vs. Bean Counters. -- When Bob Lutz retired from General Motors in 2010 after an unparalleled forty-seven-year career in the auto industry, he was one of the most respected leaders in American business. He had survived all kinds of managers over those decades: tough and timid, analytical and irrational, charismatic and antisocial, and some who seemed to shift frequently among all those traits. His experiences made him an expert on leadership, every bit as much as he was an expert on cars and trucks. -- Now Lutz is revealing the leaders--good, bad, and ugly--who made the strongest impression on him throughout his career. Icons and Idiots is a collection of shocking and often hilarious true stories and the lessons Lutz drew from them. From enduring the sadism of a Marine Corps drill instructor, to working with a washed-up alcoholic, to taking over the reins from a convicted felon, he reflects on the complexities of all-too-human leaders. No textbook or business school course can fully capture their idiosyncrasies, foibles, and weaknesses--which can make or break companies in the real world. -- Lutz shows that we can learn just as much from the most stubborn, stupid, and corrupt leaders as we can from the inspiring geniuses. He offers fascinating profiles of icons and idiots such as --

*Eberhard von Kuenheim: the famed CEO of BMW was an aristocrat-cum-street fighter who ruled with secrecy, fear, and deft maneuvering.
*Harold A. Red Poling: a Ford CEO and the ultimate bean counter. If it couldn't be quantified, he didn't want to know about it.
*Lee Iacocca: the legendary Chrysler CEO appeared to be brilliant and bold but was often vulnerable and insecure behind the scenes.
*G. Richard ''Rick'' Wagoner: the perfect peacetime CEO whose superior intelligence couldn't save GM from steep decline and a government bailout.

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