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Insider Secrets To Making Money With Teespring

Insider Secrets To Making Money With Teespring

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  • ISBN-13: 9781515265764
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Release Date: Jul 29, 2015
  • Pages: 44 pages
  • Dimensions: 0.1 x 8.5 x 5.5 inches


There is one essential piece of clothing that everyone has in their closet no matter who they are. Whether a multimillionaire, a psychiatrist or a mechanic. Everyone owns at least one T-shirt T-shirts were made popular as everyday garments by returning GIs from World War II, but they gained extreme popularity in the Hollywood of the 1950s because actors like James Dean started wearing them on screen. From there, the popularity of the T-shirt exploded and over the next few decades, a T-shirt became a means of self-expression advertising a person’s favorite bands, political affiliations or product brands and the popularity of the T-shirt in its myriad of colors and designs shows absolutely no signs of slowing down. Which means using marketing and creation platforms such as Teespring and can provide the perfect opportunities to make money in the T-shirt business online. There is already a built-in ever-growing marketplace for T-shirts, not to mention that they appeal to just about every market demographic currently in existence. So you will always build the find a buyer. Regardless of the style or design and Teespring and/or Sunfrog can help you tap into this ever-growing and loyal marketplace. Teespring and are online T-shirt creation and sales platforms that allow users to create and market T-shirts at no to very little cost. The way they do this is by allowing users to create a T-shirt design and then market it to potential customers and once a given sales goal has been reached, for example, 500 T-shirts. Those T-shirts are then printed and shipped to the customer directly or they can be delivered to the user that created them so they can either ship them themselves or take them to a special event or gathering for delivery. If, however, the 500 T-shirt sales goal is not reached, then the T-shirts are not printed or made thereby not costing the printing company or the user any money. The profit to be made from the sales and creation of the T-shirts comes from the percentage above cost, meaning that the user decides how much to charge for a T-shirt (the cost of creation will be calculated by the website) and anything after the cost of making the T-shirt is the profit for the user. So if you think you have an eye for trends in fashion, or you can come up with an eye-catching design or slogan that people will want to buy, then you should try creating and selling T-shirts with Teespring or Sunfrog . As these companies will allow you to get into the T-shirt business at no cost until you sell your product. And this course is going to teach you everything you need to know to be successful in the T-shirt marketing business. You will learn everything from how to register with the sites to how to market your T-shirts to the appropriate market demographic and where to find ideas for designs or slogans. By the time you’re done with this course you will be a T-shirt marketing mogul! What you will learn: 1) You will learn how to register with and navigate the websites of Teespring and 2) You will learn to do market research so that you may identify the trends in T-shirt design within a specific market demographic. 3) You will learn how to set a fair market price for your T-shirt so that you still make a decent profit share your investment and can pay back your investment. 4) You will learn how to market your T-shirts using all of the most popular in various social media outlets available such as YouTube, Facebook and twitter as well as bookmarking sites, blogs and forums. 5) You will learn how to build an eye-catching and unique sales page to not only advertise your various T-shirt designs would make sales transactions as well. 6) You will learn how to create eye-catching designs, styles and slogans for your T-shirts to appeal to your specific market demographic. 7) how to successfully work with affiliate marketers and other sales professionals to help sell your T-shirts.

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