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Introduction to Evangelism

Introduction to Evangelism

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  • ISBN-13: 9780805411430
  • Publisher: B&H Academic
  • Release Date: Aug 01, 1998
  • Pages: 384 pages
  • Dimensions: 0.84 x 9.06 x 6.06 inches


'The evangelistic mandate', says Alvin Reid, 'is central to the mission of the church in any age'. In this important new book, Reid traces the essence of evangelism -- its history and character -- teaching Christians how to preach the Gospel effectively. Using methods built upon biblical, historical, and theological foundations, this exhaustive guide integrates doctrinal issues with practical matters of methodology, while developing the personal spirituality of those who seek to carry out the Great Commission. By recognizing the timeless aspects of the evangelistic task and adapting them to today's needs and the needs of the future, Reid gives Christians the tools they need to spread the Word with assurance at the dawn of the new millennium.

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